Parent Video – The Gospel Project for Kids

The Big Picture of God’s StoryThe Gospel Project® for Kids immerses kids and preschoolers in the gospel through every story, theological concept, and call to mission from Genesis to Revelation. Ultimately, the gospel message changes everything; heart transformation can only take place when a child experiences the gospel. Through The Gospel Project® for Kids, kidsContinue reading “Parent Video – The Gospel Project for Kids”

Sunday Morning 1/5: Unit 1, Session 1: God Created the World

Today we start the Gospel Project for Kids! You and your children are about to embark on an exciting discovery of God’s big story: God’s plan to send His Son, Jesus, into the world to save sinners. What better way to begin a story than the beginning of everything? In the beginning, God created everything.Continue reading “Sunday Morning 1/5: Unit 1, Session 1: God Created the World”

Christmas Session 4: Wise Men Visited Jesus

The wise men were magi. Their study of the stars led them to Judea to find and worship Jesus, the newborn King. Before they found Jesus, though, the wise men met King Herod. God had promised the Jewish people a new king—one who would save them from their enemies. King Herod was not that king.Continue reading “Christmas Session 4: Wise Men Visited Jesus”

Christmas Session 3: Jesus Was Born

Throughout the Old Testament, God reminded His people through the prophets of His promise to one day send a Rescuer. People cannot save themselves; instead, God planned to save sinners by sending His Son. God revealed that He would come from the family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and He would bless the nations. (Gen.Continue reading “Christmas Session 3: Jesus Was Born”

Christmas Session 2: Angels Spoke to Mary and Joseph

People had been waiting a long time for Jesus. God hinted at His coming in the garden of Eden when He promised a seed to conquer the serpent. (Gen. 3:15) The prophets told of His coming hundreds of years before His birth. God was working out His plan to bring His people back to Himself.Continue reading “Christmas Session 2: Angels Spoke to Mary and Joseph”

Christmas Session 1: Prophets Told About Jesus’ Birth

When Adam and Eve introduced sin into the world, all of creation fell under a curse. (See Gen. 3:17-19.) We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We’ve inherited the curse of death from Adam. (See Rom. 3:23; 5:12.) Throughout the Old Testament, the consequences of sin are obvious. God’s peopleContinue reading “Christmas Session 1: Prophets Told About Jesus’ Birth”