Promotion Sunday

We want to communicate with you about our promotion process so you know when it is appropriate to promote your child!

  • August 8 is the Promotion Sunday for this year.
  • From the 3-year-old through 5th grade classrooms children follow the school system cut-off (September 1) and promote every August on the promotion Sunday for that year.
  • These promotion steps are designed to avoid a bottleneck which is difficult to accommodate. Much like an elementary child doesn’t move to the next grade with their birthday, they use the school calendar and promote once annually.
  • To promote from 2-year-old class to 3s, a child must be 3-years-old by September 1 of that year and be potty trained.
  • Children that are not potty trained but are 3-years-old by the decline will promote once they complete potty training (exceptions are made on an individual basis for medical conditions of children that are different-ables).

We hope this explanation helps and will guide you on when it is time to promote your child. We are excited for August 8 for all those promoting! We love our kids and want to serve each child and volunteer well through our stewardship of the Redemption Kids Ministry.

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