Parent Helps from the 5/24 Sermon on Romans 8:18-30

Parents, we want to give you some guidance when talking through the sermon from this Sunday with your kids. Maybe you can do a recap tonight during your family worship time or during dinner.

Be sure to check out the kids lesson for this Sunday @ Here are some discussion starter questions to connect what they are learning with the sermon:

  • Preschool
    • Suffering is when we feel pain because something is not right. Can you think about an example of time you felt pain because something was not right? (Remember kids are concrete thinkers so you may get concrete answers and have to guide them through this some.)
    • In today’s children’s ministry lesson we saw the people complain or grumble to Moses. Have you ever complained about something?
    • God took care of the people that grumbled to Moses. Did you know that God will take care of you too?
    • We can have HOPE that God cares for us. What is one way God takes care of you?
    • God always takes care of us. Pray now and ask God to keep taking care of you. (Remind the kids that God does everything for His glory and our good!)
    • Be sure to check out the kids video and lesson for this week at
  • Elementary
    • In Romans, it talks about suffering. Mr. Chris Reed told that suffering is something bad that gives us a feeling that something is not right or a feeling of distress. Can you think about an example of suffering in your life or someone you know?
    • Our children’s ministry lesson today talks about Moses and the Jewish people in the wilderness. Mr. Chris Reed talked about how the people grumbled to Moses. Hope makes us groan not grumble because groaning is an involuntary longing for a need and grumbling is a longing for a want. When is a time you grumbled (whined for something you didn’t need but you wanted)? When is a time you groaned (had a need that you desperately needed taken care of so you had to hope in God)?
    • Can you see that sometimes we miss out on having hope because we too busy grumbling for what we don’t need instead of seeking what you do need?
    • Even though there is suffering, there is also HOPE available. How would you define hope? (Mr. Chris Reed defined hope as a life-shaping certainty about the future. It means having a certainty that God has a plan and it is ultimately for His glory and our good. It is the joy we can find as we trust God.)
    • The last point of the sermon was that God is reliable. What does it mean to be reliable? (You always do and behave as you say you will, and you always follow through on what you say.)
    • Do you think God is reliable?
    • How has God shown you that He is reliable? (i.e. you prayed for something and you saw God take care of it; God provided for your needs today because He said He would take care of you…etc.)
    • Be sure to check out the kids video and lesson for this week at

We hope this helps you talk with your kids about worship. We also want to point you to our children’s ministry weekly lessons which are only available on the blog at Remember the Bible is one big story and it is important for us to learn that whole story!

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