Sermon Notes Guide for Kids

Parents, Redemption Church knows that you are the primary disciplemakers of your kids and we want to help! One great new tool for helping you to disciple your kids is a sermon notes guide. This resource will help enable elementary kids to stay present in the service by taking guided notes. We also believe this resource will help you to create additional discipleship moments with your kids. Just think, you can use their completed sermon notes to engage in conversations at your family worship time or during a family dinner.

Attached you will find the sermon notes document. There are a couple of great options for how you can use this document. Option 1, you can print the notes and allow your kids to complete them weekly. Option 2, have your kids look at the notes on a device and answer the questions on their own, separate sheet of paper. Option 3, open the document in an app of your choice where you can write and edit the sermon notes. All three options are excellent and will help keep kids engaged!

We hope this new tool helps you talk with your kids about worship each week. We also want to point you to our children’s ministry weekly lessons which are only available on the blog @ Remember the Bible is one big story and it is important for us to learn the whole story!

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