Communion: A Resource to Support Parents


In Acts 2 we are told that the Church celebrated the Lord’s Supper, or communion, every day in their homes. Communion is a sweet time where we remember the cross of Christ and the sacrifice He made for you and me, as well as give us each a chance to examine our own hearts, to see where we are in our current walk with Jesus. We wanted to give you plenty of time to prepare and celebrate communion with us this coming Sunday at both our 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM services.   

A couple things we want to remind you of as you prepare:  

  1. This is a real opportunity to lead your family into deeper conversation about the Gospel. 
  2. Purchase the elements you will be using to participate: crackers, bread, etc. (to represent His body) and juice or something red (to represent His blood). 
  3. PARENTS/Families: use the above video as a resource to help prepare you to explain communion to your children.  
  4. Don’t overthink it, but please take this time seriously as the Bible has encouraged us to when we participate.      

We love you church! We love being the church! We are praying for you every day and can’t wait to hear how God will use you!  

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