Parent Helps from the 4/19 Sermon on Romans 6:6-21

Parents, we want to give you some guidance when talking through the sermon from this Sunday with your kids. Maybe you can do a recap tonight during your family worship time or during dinner.

Be sure to check out the kids lesson for this Sunday. Here are some discussion starter questions to connect what they are learning with the sermon:

  • Preschool
    • What was your favorite part of today?
    • What is something you are good at? (e.g. jumping, laughing, smiling, singing, running, etc.)
    • That is awesome that you do that really well! I bet you like to talk about what you are good at. One other thing we like to talk about is God because we love Him and want to serve Him.
    • What is one thing you can share about God with someone? (e.g. God loves us.)
    • Who is one person you can tell? (e.g. friend, grandpa, aunt. Consider calling them today.)
  • Elementary
    • In this weeks sermon Pastor Ed spoke about being reckoned. He was talking about know where we find our identity. Ask your kids if they know what the word identity means. (Our identity is how we define ourselves or what we find to be most important thing about us.)
    • Now ask your kids what they think is the most important thing, the one thing they would want someone to know or think about them? (Various answers.)
    • Remind kids that we have a lot of talents and things we think are important but the most important thing we want someone to know about is that we know and love God.
    • In today’s kids Bible story, about Joseph and his brothers, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery. In that story Joseph could have been known for being the youngest brother or for being his dad’s favorite or for being a slave but the most important thing about Joseph was that he knew God, loved God, and trust God. His identity was found in God.
    • Pastor Ed also talked about presenting ourselves to Christ. What do you think it means to present ourselves to God? (This means that we surrender or give control of everything in our lives to God for His use.)
    • Because Joseph didn’t find his identity (the most important thing about him) in his family and he was willing to give God control over everything in his life, God used him as a part of the ultimate rescue plan, Jesus!
    • Will you choose to let God use you as a part of His plan?

We hope this helps you talk with your kids about worship and tie the information in with our weekly lessons which are only available on the blog. Remember the Bible is one big story and it is important for us to learn that whole story!

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