The Easter Story: Videos of the Story for Kids

A group of children’s ministers throughout the community got together and divided the Easter story into 12 stories. Each video tells one of those stories and invites your child to participate by finding something in your house to help connect to the story. We hope you walk through the Easter story with us!

  1. The Triumphal Entry
  2. The Last Supper
  3. Jesus’ Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane
  4. Judas’ Betrayal
  5. Jesus was Beaten
  6. Crown of Thorns
  7. Jesus’ Crucifixion
  8. Soldiers Gamble for Jesus’ Clothes
  9. The World Responds to Jesus’ Death
  10. Jesus’ Body Wrapped & Buried
  11. The Stone was Rolled Away
  12. Resurrection: The Empty Tomb
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