Parent Helps from the 4/5 Sermon on Romans 5:12-21

Parents, I want to give you some guidance when talking through the sermon from this Sunday with your kids. Maybe you can do a recap tonight during your family worship time or during dinner.

Here are some discussion starter questions to connect what they are learning with the sermon:

  • Preschool
    • What was your favorite part of today?
    • What does the word sin mean? (It means we have an icky heart. We don’t honor and glorify God with our words and actions because our heart is icky.)
    • Who saves us from our sin? (Jesus saves us from sin.)
  • Elementary
    • Did you know that sin is like a virus? (Yes or No)
    • What is sin? (It means we have an icky heart. We don’t honor and glorify God with our words and actions because our heart is icky. Older kids: And we desire to honor and serve ourselves more than we desire to glorify God)
    • How do you think sin is like a virus?
    • An antidote is the cure for a virus or sickness. Who is the cure for our virus called sin? (Jesus is the cure, the antidote, and Jesus saves us from our sins.
    • Older Kids Only: In today’s lesson, the Triumphal Entry, we see Jesus come into town and be celebrated. Many people at that time thought that this was the moment they had been waiting for, that Jesus was coming to take His place and save them. The Triumphal Entry was one part of Jesus final days as He prepared to cure sin by dying on the cross for our sins and giving us His righteousness which we did not deserve. Next week is Easter and we will continue the story to see how Jesus really was the cure!
    • All Kids: We have been learning about The Gospel and how to share it. The Gospel explains what we talked about in these questions. See if you can remember the words and the motions to show your parents. (At the end, challenge the kids to think of one person they could share The Gospel with. Even tell someone that knows is good practices and helps make them more comfortable sharing it.)
      1. God rulesMake a circle with your two hands and place it over you as though setting a crown on your head.
      2. We sinnedCross your forearms in front of you to make a large over your chest.
      3. God providedRotate the you are making 90 degrees so that it resembles a cross.
      4. Jesus giveshold both hands together in front of you as though giving a gift or cupping water.
      5. We respondHold both arms over your head with hands open as though praising God. 

I hope this helps you talk with your kids about worship and tie the information in with our weekly lessons which are only available on the blog. Remember the Bible is one big story and it is important for us to learn that whole story!

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