Parent Helps from the 3/29 Sermon on Romans 5:1-11

Parents, I want to give you some guidance when talking through the sermon from this Sunday with your kids. Maybe you can do a recap tonight during your family worship time or during dinner.

Here are some discussion starter questions to connect what they are learning with the sermon:

  • Preschool
    • What was your favorite part of worship today?
    • Did you know that we serve a God that can help us and wants to help His children. The Bible tells us that God keeps His promises. Do you know what the word promise means? (God’s Promise means: God does what He says He will do.)
    • We find comfort (or relief) in knowing that God keeps His promise. Let’s pray to God and ask for comfort.
  • Elementary
    • What does the word relief mean?
    • What is a time you have felt relief?
    • Pastor Ed talked about how God provides relief to all those that are His children.
    • In our weekly kids lesson we see a similar desire for relief. Jacob is worried about meeting with Esau because he is afraid that Esau is mad at him. Do you remember what Jacob did that might make Esau mad? (He stole Esau’s blessings from their Father.)
    • In the story about Jacob and Esau, Jacob tries to find relief from his fear of how Esau might react. What does he do to try and make everything ok? (Sends gifts for people to give to Esau from Jacob before they meet.)
    • Jacob tried to find relief for the problem on his own but God was in control and wanted Jacob to trust him. Jacob wrestled with God and learned about his need for God. Today Pastor Ed reminded us, just like the story about Jacob, that true and complete relief only comes when we depending on God.
    • Let’s stop and pray that we would learn to trust God and depend on Him! (Ask them to tell you what depending on God means if needed.)

I hope this helps you talk with your kids about worship and tie the information in with our weekly lessons which are only available on the blog. Remember the Bible is one big story and it is important for us to learn that whole story!

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