Parent Helps from the 3/22 Sermon on Romans 4

Parents, I want to give you some guidance when talking through the sermon from this Sunday with your kids. Maybe you can do a recap tonight during your family worship time.

Here is the information you need to connect what they are learning with the sermon:

  • Your kids just learned about God making a promise with Abraham and Abraham’s faithfulness on 2/16 and 2/23 so go back and review those lessons with them!
  • Pastor Ed asked the question, “What is Saving Faith?”
    • His answer was a “trust transfer”. Your kids learned that Abraham displayed this kind of trust when he was willing to offer his son Isaac on the alter. (This is a concrete example which kids need.) 
    • Use the lesson from 2/23 to help remind them of how much Abraham must have trusted God.
    • Ask them about how hard it was for Abraham to trust God over trusting what he knew it would mean to kill his son.
    • Talk to them about how this trust of God was like our faith. When we trust God more than we trust ourselves this is placing our faith in God. This is believing God knows better than we do and He should be in control. This is us giving up control.
    • The elementary kids have learned how to share the Gospel through the following phrases (ask them if they know the hand motions):
      • God rules.
      • We sinned
      • God provides.
      • Jesus gives.
      • We respond.
    • They are learning that saving faith comes through those steps of recognizing that God rules but we sin and need help. God provides that help if we believe that Jesus gave his life to save us. Our job is then to respond to this free gift. A “trust transfer” or “saving faith” in the terms the kids have been studying is when they respond to that free gift by believing God knows best.
  • The 5 truths about the kind of faith God gives us can be understood in these same principles.
    • The kids learned about the 3 promises God made to Abraham on 3/23. 
    • They learned that Abraham was a part of the family of Jesus just like they have parents and grandparents and great grandparents and so on. Abraham was related to Jesus like that.
    • God promised Abraham that he would give him a large family, land, and that he would bless the nation through Abraham’s large family. This all points to those truths because to accept this promise Abraham had to…
      • Have God as his starting point of faith.
      • Focus on God and his promises to come without knowing it would actually happen.
      • Struggle to have faith even when asked to kill his son.
      • Resolve his faith, knowing that God would take care of the promises He made even if he was asking Abraham to kill Isaac. Abraham believed that God would do what was promised one way or another.
      • And Abraham lived in the results of his faith by being willing to offer Isaac no matter how strange it seemed to him.
    • Kids have been learning core tenants of their faith through a series of questions and answers. With these two lessons (and with Romans 4) comes the following question and answer. Remind your kids and even ask if they remember the answer to the question below before sharing…
      • Why can we trust God?
      • We can trust God because He is faithful and does everything for His glory and our good.

I hope this helps you talk with your kids about worship and tie the information in with our weekly lessons which are only available on the blog. Remember the Bible is one big story and today illustrates why it is important for us to know that whole story!

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